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Quality control


Our company strictly controls the quality of products. In terms of quality control, we will assign qualified inspection personnel according to the requirements of inspection activities, and ensure the responsibilities of inspection management personnel and inspection staff to ensure the ability to meet the requirements of quality control.

When testing product quality, our company will configure the necessary inspection equipment according to the requirements of product inspection, and test the equipped inspection equipment, and regularly verify, calibrate and maintain the equipment, so that it is always in a clean, clean, lubricated, tight, anti-corrosion and safe state; When the testing equipment is found not to meet the accuracy requirements, we will track the accuracy of the previous measurement results. When the quality of the product is found not to meet the requirements, we will take appropriate remedial measures to mitigate the adverse effects.

Our inspection site meets the environmental requirements of product inspection. We have the operating environment required for maintenance inspection, such as temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions; Our various experimental chemical reagents, testing instruments, samples and so on meet the storage, identification and other management requirements